Nov 8, 2010

A Quiet Place in Chaotic Tel Aviv

The Backyard of Little Prince
By Laura Goldstein
     Ever since moving to Tel Aviv Israel I have been searching for a quiet cafe to have a moment to think and work on my assignments for Taste TLV. It has proved harder than expected considering the copious amount of cafes in this city. Most of these cafes are constantly filled with people, humming with activity, and completely open to the street. The many Tel Aviv cafes are a great place to catch up with friends and grab a great cup of coffee but all of the noise is distracting if you want to get some work done.

       After searching for a quiet place for a few weeks I was told about a café called the Little Prince. It is peaceful and secluded from the usual rush of people; I find it ideal for working on my computer. The Little Prince is tucked away just off hectic King George Street, but it feels worlds away from the busy thoroughfare.

The first time I visited the Little Prince I entered through the back yard on Simta Almonit Street. Looking down the street from King George you barely notice the entrance. Through the vine covered entryway, there is yard filled with unmatched tables, chairs, and benches shaded by the surrounding buildings and the trees leaning over the fence. This spot seems to stay cool no matter how hot it is out on the street. 

A Cozy spot inside of Little Prince
            I usually go to Little Prince during the day with friends who also work from their laptops. We tend to sit outside in the fresh air but the inside of the cafe is charming, cozy, and inviting. In addition to being a cafe, the Little Prince is also a used bookstore. Most of the wall space inside is filled with rows of brown and yellowing old books. Sitting inside surrounded by these books makes me want to curl up on one of the couches and have a good read with one of the café’s creamy cappuccinos. 

        I usually go to the Little Prince to work around lunchtime because I take my time waking in the morning.  I like to order the Italian bagel toast with cheese, tomato sauce, and basil for my brunch. It is a sizable sandwich and comes with a heaping green or Israeli salad. It is so big that it is good to have a friend there to help you eat it. The Israeli salad is one of the best I have had in this country so far, the vinaigrette is nice and tangy. 

Masala Chai Latte at Little Prince
       A favorite of my other work-from-home friends is the masala chai latte. It is made with milk, honey, cinnamon, and loose tea leaves in a mesh tea ball. It is key to let it steep before drinking. There are also many other appealing items on the menu such as wraps and salads. At the moment there is no English menu available but the friendly waiters will be happy to translate the menu for you. 

     The Little Prince café is a wonderful place to get work done (I am writing from here right now!) and a refreshing break from the chaos of the city. It is my kind of coffee shop; full of books, comfy seating, and tranquility. I would recommend it to anyone looking for quiet in the rowdy city that is Tel Aviv, but let’s keep it our little secret, beseder?


  1. Little Prince has closed :( but it is rumored to reopen on Nachalat Binyamin in a few months.

  2. After two years on the roads - The Little Prince cafe and bookstore has settled down again! come visit us at King George 19 to re-live the secret...