Dec 22, 2010

New York Style Sandwiches at Ruben in Tel Aviv

By Laura Goldstein
In anticipation of the event tomorrow evening at 7:00pm (check out the event on Facebook!) on I went over to Ruben’s to see what it is all about.

The inside of the store smelled delicious, the scent of marinated and steamed deli meats. Yum.
A Beauty of a Sandwich, my lunch from Ruben's
I ordered my sandwich and the man behind the counter went on to shave off a fist sized portion of delicately thin pieces of meat with the meat slicer. He then laid the slices on fresh bread with deli mustard, onions, and tomatoes, it was a beautiful thing.  He placed two little crunchy pickles imported all the way from Poland next to the sandwich. 

The whopping sandwich instantly brought me back to the US and to memories of eating out in New York delis with my dad, a Brooklyn native. His philosophy is that the best food comes from New York, but I think that he would be overjoyed to bite into a sandwich from Ruben.
Yes! They have BBQ Flavored Chips!

 I took my sandwich to the outdoor tables, giddy with excitement for sinking my teeth into the mountain of meat and fix-ins .The meat was warm and juicy and the bread was thick and sturdy enough to support the mammoth amount of meat. Mid sandwich, I munched on the crunchy sour pickles that were more like the ones from the states than the typical spicy Israeli pickle. I finished my sandwich contented and savored the taste of the meat's spices in my mouth. 

I am ready to go back for some more tomorrow at our Taste TLV Happy Hour! It will take place at the Ruben location at Yerimyahu 32 from 7:00  to 9:00 PM and includes free beer with your sandwich and chips and half off draft beer. There will also be a raffle with exciting prizes from area restaurants.

Come taste a delicious Ruben sandwich, get a free beer, and hang out with Taste TLV!!

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