May 26, 2011

crêpe de la crêpe

Written by: Lidia Fabian

Pinsker 30, Tel Aviv
Prince Range: 25-60 ₪

For those who know a bit of French cuisine, the name Suzette should immediatly ring a bell: a place that must have to do something with crêpes, the very tasty and very thin French pancakes. “La crêpe Suzette” is THE crêpe de la crêpe, served “flambée”:with alcohol on top– in this case Grand Marnier, an orange liquor –light it up, wait until it blows out, and enjoy the delicious crêpe filled with a sauce of butter, sugar, and orange zeste.

Suzette is a crêpe restaurant that serves the original French crêpe made with buckwheat, in all kind of variations, sweet and salty. The menu offers what they call “classic” crêpes with cheese and ham, cheese and mushrooms or four cheeses, as well as “special” ones, filled with salmon, shrimp or chicken. The sweet are made with dark chocolate sauce, salty caramel (very delicious!) or you can order, of course, the crêpe suzette, which is served exactly how it should be.

The place has a very cosy and warm atmosphere, a place where one can hang out all day on the terrace. Even without the sea right in front of you it feels as if you're lounging on the French Atlantique coast. But it also has a touch of a “neighbourhood” restaurant, a “bistro du coin”, where everyone can come: parents,children, a couple on a first date or colleagues who want to have a nice lunch.

The crêpes are delicious, the staff very friendly, all together with the feeling you get when you sit on the terrace, as if you'd like to put your feet up and chat with the people sitting around you, mostly because you want to try their crêpes too. At the end you know you will definitely come back. And back. And back. And to make sure you will, enjoy your crêpe with a glass of cider.

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  1. I just love crepes, they are so so delicious, I love them for breakfast.