Jul 17, 2011

Amore Amore Mio?

Written by Judith Goldstein

Name: Amore Mio
Address: Ibn Gvirol 100
Phone Number: 03-524-4040
Hours: Sun-Sat 12pm-12am
Daily lunch specials till 4pm
Reservation recommended; for Friday and Saturday nights 1-2 weeks in advance
Great for big parties

On a long walk and we stumble past a seemingly charming restaurant on Ibn Gvirol. The food on people's plates looks good enough so we walk in. The hostess is surprised that we don't have a reservation, but we manage to get seats anyway.
Once inside the interior looks familiarly Italian, with a Sicilian edge. A blown of picture of the owner's family in Rome accents the wall in front of us. They are sitting at a table, Godfather style with a couple of bottles of red wine perched in front of them. The interior is mildly dark, with exposed brick, and plenty of chotchkies adorning the walls. It's big and small in the same breath. Large parties gather around us, clinking wine glasses, licking foam off their beers. It's festive inside. A perfect place for your loud toddler.

The menu is direct, first courses include Carpaccio, Bruschetta and other things I can't quite remember. A simple selection of Pizzas, mostly tomato based sauces for the Pasta, but a few surprises here and there. There is home-made gnocchi- varies seasonally and Rissotto. We ordered the 4 cheese pizza, insalta verde, and the eggplant and black olive pasta. The pizza had a thin crunchy crust, the cheese was sharp and tasty, and overall it was simply a treat. The pasta was drenched with sauce, lacking the subtlety in traditional Italian cooking, but it was still tasty and robust. I hoped that the insalata verde would be served at the end of the meal, like the way it is in Italy, but it was fresh and cool and the salad dressing was lightly drizzled, giving it a scrumptious bite, yet maintaining the flavor of the green leaf lettuce.

Overall the atmosphere, food and friendly service proved to make Amore Mio a well rounded stop. A perfect place for families and big parties. Bantering children fit perfectly well in this warm, boisterous environment and when all is said and done you feel like the family in the picture, relaxing amongst loved ones and enjoying the dishes in front of you. Do I Amore Amore Mio? Let's just say, I like it a lot.

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  1. Ibn Gvirol; a nice place to taste Italian cuisine with cheaper prices. I recommend this place because since I have gone I always have ended up fascinated with what I've eaten.