Dec 29, 2011

Deli meets my Belly

Eating has always been the pinnacle of enjoyment for Dylan Stein. Eating good food is an essential and indispensable part of Dylan's life. Living as a student, unfortunately, prevented his culinary adventures from being as lavish as he would have hoped and he had to ask himself, " How can I stretch each dollar? He finds himself again in Tel Aviv asking himself the same question and he's finding the places to eat that will make his stomach AND wallet happy... The Hungry Canadian is happy to share these thrifty and delicious finds with us... Welcome to "Cheap Eats Tel Aviv"

(Deli with the black and white stripes)

Before arriving in Israel one of the questions I asked myself was: Will there be places where I can eat bacon?

At Deli this question is answered with a resounding YES.

Located on the corner of King George and Allenby (Allenby 47,) Deli received the

2011 Time Out magazine eating and drinking award for Best Sandwich. This venue subscribes to the ideology that more meat = less problems.

(meat on grill)

On the inside, Deli has a classic diner atmosphere with black and white tiled floors and stainless steel bar stools. The six-item menu is displayed on the wall, and beers are a very reasonable 15 shekels.

The big-ticket items are the Deli dog deluxe and the corned beef sandwich. Both come with cocktail pickles and coleslaw.

The Deli dog deluxe is a custom-recipe pork hot dog topped with cheddar, homemade spicy mayo, sweet relish, and bacon. It is almost like they are trying to make it as not kosher as possible.

The corned beef sandwich is adorned with melted gouda, mayo, lettuce, sauerkraut, and tomato. Get it in me.

And to top it all off, through an unassuming door in the back is the entrance to Deli Nightclub. The perfect place to dance off all that meat.

Chew Cheaply and Smile On..

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  1. I went to the bar (in the back) without even knowing about the food at Deli. A couple members of our party got hungry, and we went in front to try the sandwiches... they knocked our socks off! Really, we were not expecting the dang sandwich to be so yummy. We got the New York, and we highly recommend it!