Nov 24, 2011

Falafel Gavi: Soup In November

Eating has always been the pinnacle of enjoyment for Dylan Stein. Eating good food is an essential and indispensable part of Dylan's life. Living as a student, unfortunately, prevented his culinary adventures from being as lavish as he would have hoped and he had to ask himself, " How can I stretch each dollar? He finds himself again in Tel Aviv asking himself the same question and he's finding the places to eat that will make his stomach AND wallet happy... The Hungry Canadian is happy to share these thrifty and delicious finds with us... Welcome to "Cheap Eats Tel Aviv"

It’s November in Tel Aviv and winter has (sort of, not really) come. The seven consecutive days of rain was one of the longest streaks on record, and this uncomfortable dampness combined with the final departure of beach weather has people scourging their air conditioner remote controls for the ‘heat’ setting.

There is an essential connection between cold weather and the food one eats. Having endured sub-30°C bitter cold winters in Ontario, Canada, I can tell you how a hearty stew or a slow cooked for seven hours, cut across the grain and reheated the next day in its own gravy so it melts in your mouth, brisket can lift up your spirits. So in this quasi-early winter I wanted to find something to eat that would warm up the soul.

While sauntering down the sometimes so-trendy-it-hurts Borgochov ave, enjoying the light rain on my skin and gawking openly at the Israelis who felt it was chilly enough to be wearing a parka and tuque, I came across Falafel Gavi (25 Borgochov). The cast iron pots hanging from the ceiling suggested that there was something more going on here than just your average falafel stand.

Falafel Gavi is the home to a selection of delicious soups. The varieties change daily and on my visit they had four choices that the friendly staff allowed me to sample. There was a Moroccan soup, a tomato-based soup, a bean soup that contained noodles, lentils, hummus-berries, barley and a veggie soup that contained zucchini, barley, cabbage, onions, spinach and celery.

My comrade and I selected the tomato soup, probably the ultimate soul-warmer and the Moroccan soup, which had a delicate hint of spice. Besides the flavorful, heartwarming, scrumptious soup the best part was that a sizable bowl of soup, unlimited free bread refills and Falafel balls drizzled in tehina will only set you back 20NIS.

Head to Falafel Gavi, there is also a location at dizengof 269, if you need a pick me up in the cold.

Chew Cheaply and Smile On.

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