Nov 29, 2011

Get to Know Betty White

Along Ben Yehuda there is a section that is dominated by hip art galleries. A welcome and innovative addition to this area is the newly opened Betty White. Billed as “Bistro and Art,” this eatery allows the patron to have the feeling of enjoying sumptuous food while inside an art gallery.

Betty White (Frishman 22) opened last week by three friends in there 20’s. The fact that young people know what’s up is reflected in a well thought out menu, reasonable prices, and high-class originality. The name is intended to invoke the image of a vintage character. In fact, most Israelis do not know who Betty White is and thus the name creates a sense of mystery.

The interesting architectural space is what will strike you first about Betty White. There are three distinct levels, the lowest being the bar and kitchen, a middle seating area, and an upper seating area. The color scheme for the inside is a simple black and white but this is contrasted with eye popping and colorful art pieces that adorn the walls. This interior is augmented with a selection of well-picked tunes including LCD sound system, David Bowie, and Lou Reid; making for an unbelievable atmosphere.

We started our Saturday afternoon off right with Mimosas made with freshly squeezed OJ.

The menu boasts an all day breakfast section as well as a decadent pastry selection. However, my companions and I chose to enjoy lunch items.

I ordered the Cannelloni served in a piping hot Iron skillet. Pesto, mushroom, and a generous amount of mozzarella cheese made this dish filling and delicious.

Susannah selected the frittata sandwich on artisan bread; sophisticated yet down to earth. She declared it to be, “the best sandwich I've had in Israel.”

Rachel, went with a gourmet take on a sloppy Joe. She remarked, “It was better than the American version.”

I unfortunately forgot to bring my camera and phone on this outing, but you can check out food pictures and more on the face book page:

Bottom line: go get to know Betty White

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