Jan 27, 2012


When you spend some time in Tel Aviv, it's hard to miss the ubiquitous presence of juice & smoothie stands.  Fresh fruit and vegetables are precociously perched on every inch of free space in the Juice stand, and their bright colors beckon thirsty pedestrians to quench their thirst with some natural goodness.

Every juice stand makes your drink to order, so there's no pesky preservatives to be found!  

Whether you fancy fruit or veggies of the blended or masticated variety, the Juice Man can help you out in a few moments of chopping, blending, and grinding.

I'm partial to nutrient rich juices made of pure vegetable, because they give the body the quickest nutrient boost.  The fiber is removed from the vegetables when they are juiced, so the nutrients are readily absorbed into your system quicker than the traditional way you may eat your veggies.

A little juice stand on the corner or Melchett and Shenkin street offers my favorite juice combo.  named the "Complete" juice, this concoction will surely rev up your body like none other!

Complete Juice:
1 stalk of celery (leaves included)
1/2 Lemon
1/2 inch piece of ginger
2 beets
2 Israeli cucumbers
1 small apple
1/2 teaspoon of ground flax seed
2 drops of extra virgin olive oil

Drink up!

by: Rachel Brender

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