Jan 6, 2012

Late Night

Standard fare for late night eating is to drown yourself in a greasy slice of pizza or in Canada to indulge in a poutine (http://www.montrealpoutine.com/). In the amazing city of Tel Aviv you can do much better than that.

When the time comes to leave the bar or club you can dine on a meal that is a cut above the commonplace late night grub and it will greatly improve the quality of the remainder of your evening.

My two favorite spots for late night food, conveniently located across the street from one another at the corner of Allenby and Rothschild, are Moses burger and Benedicts. At Moses you can delight in a sumptuous burger and at Benedicts you can get your breakfast in the truly wee hours of the morning.

Putting these two restaurants above rest are the late night price specials that run from midnight to 8am. At Moses you can get a burger and a side for 38 shecks. During the day this comes out to 72 shecks (so irritating that you have to pay for side and burger separately). At Benedicts you can get the Benedict Joe, an eggs benny with the addition of ground beef for 38 sheks (it usually costs 62). Even your addled 3am brain will be able to appreciate these awesome deals.

The main attraction at Moses is the art burger. A patty made with the combination of beef, lamb and veal topped with homemade pepper ketchup. At Moses they will not put any extra toppings on the Art burger, it is always served as they deem it to taste best. Burgers are a food that has been monopolized by the fast food industry and are often considered in the lower echelons of eating choices. It is very nice to see a restaurant standing behind its product.

If you can’t live without bacon and cheese get the classic burger and customize that patty as much as you want.

(bacon cheese burger)

All day breakfasts is one of the best concepts around and at Benedicts they do it right. The warm bread breakfast with chocolate spread, jam and butter that comes with every meal is worth going for alone. The flagship eggs Benny, as you would expect, is a mouth-watering choice. The eggplant and feta shakshuka is my personal favorite.

Chew Cheaply and Smile on.

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