Mar 15, 2012

Shine On

Written by Larissa Shulman 

In a city chock-full of cute cafes in Tel Aviv, how do you go about finding your coffee-and-computer go-to spot?

Enter Shine, the quaint Tel Aviv cafe-art gallery on Frishman and Shlomo Hamelech.  In addition to scrumptious eats for anytime of day (yes, they have a full menu of breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner items), Shine boasts a rotating roster of local art talent. 

Every month Shine showcases a different artist, offering a slice of funky culture.  This month's artist is Guy Pitchon (art elias PTCH), a street artist whose trademark edginess is giving Shine a counterculture cool vibe. 

Works at Shine are for sale - perfect if you have been searching for some Tel Aviv talent to hang on your wall. 

Join the chic crowd of locals sipping espresso outsides and enjoy the Tel Aviv sunshine which has finally arrived, or bring your laptop inside for some productivity.  Either way your senses are in for a treat, as Shine also plays some delightful cover bands. 

[Pictured: Jale Salad - fresh greens, tomatoes, red onions, tofu, sesame seeds, roasted peas and chickpeas, and pine nuts, with mustard vinaigrette.  Tall espresso.]

If shine whets your visual appetite for more arting, head North to Gordon Street which runs parallel to Frishman and is home to the city's best galleries.  

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