Mar 13, 2012

Tel Aviv's favorite Vaniglia Flavors

Vaniglia is one of the cities favorite ice cream shops in Tel Aviv In honor of TasteTLV's latest article on Top Five Flavors at Vaniglia, CityOwls analyzed social activity on Vaniglia to see which flavors are most popular through social media activity and how they compare to TasteTLV's picks. It's also measured the most popular Vaniglia locations through social media mentions and check ins. 

Here's what Telalivians love at Vaniglia: 

The most popular Flavors from social networks analysis:
1)     Lemon Pie
2)     Pavlova
3)     Cheesecake
4)     Vanilla ginger
5)     Mascrapone & Cranberries

The most popular Places:
1)     Vaniglia Ibn Gabirol @ 98 Ibn Gabirol Street
2)     Vaniglia Bazel @ 22 Ishtori HaParhi Street
3)     Vaniglia Yermiyahu @ 23 Yermiyahu Street
Check out the decorated lamps: 


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